how green is an ozarks summer?

It’s a brutal summer. Over the past six or seven weeks, I have constantly been adjusting my perception of what is bearable. As of mid-July, “bearable” means 99 degrees if I can be in the shade by a creek.

Walks and bike rides have to happen early in the morning, or around sunset if I take it slow. As a result, I have adjusted my photo routine, too: I mostly decide on a specific location and drive there instead of doing my usual walking drifts around town.

A rainy day is a gift to be used wisely. There have been two so far, and they allowed me to look around more leisurely.

The combination of a cool, wet spring with a stubbornly hot summer has resulted in almost surreal vegetation. The Ozarks never lack for greenery, but right now things just grow and grow and grow. Reviewing this summer’s photos, I get lost in the many shades of green all this growth creates. Photosynthesis is an amazing thing.

On Black Oak Road.

I passed this overgrown house south of Fayetteville on a Sunday morning bike ride just before a storm.


My morning, noon, afternoon, and late-afternoon view.

When a 30% chance of rain turned into a full day of storms, I was lucky enough to be on vacation in my river sanctuary.


Eventually, it all disappears.

I have been watching this tree for a while now. I wouldn’t mess with it.


The river in summer.

At some point, the current slows down and the creek turns playful.


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