three times three plus four

I can’t remember who said that the photographer needs to make sure every aspect of a photo is included on purpose, or something to that effect. I would like to be able to follow that rule, strict as it is, but I don’t think I have the discipline. Also, I love being surprised by details of which I was unaware when I composed the photo. And seeing an unintended theme emerge from several images taken in one location or over a certain period of time never fails to get me excited.

Front Yard, Downtown Fayetteville

Looking through photos I took during the last weekend in July, I noticed that chairs had edged into several of them. As mundane as these objects are, their casual arrangements in threes caught my eye. It is unclear how long they have been sitting empty–it could be minutes, it could be months.

Diner, Springdale

Public Space, Fayetteville

A couple of weekends ago, I had a chance to revisit one of my favorite sights in Eureka Springs: a line of four old motel chairs on a sidewalk across the street from Ermilio’s. The chairs are usually occupied by the brother of the restaurant’s owner and his buddies. The evening I visited, they happened to be empty–and while there is one chair too many for this set of threes, I can’t pass up the chance to include a photo of them here.

King of the Hill, Eureka Springs


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