so many directions

How can it be that everything I do and love is new or has changed so much I don’t recognize it anymore–and at the same time, things feel right and I seem to know what I’m doing for the first time in many years? Enough with the vagueness. Here is some recent work. Plus ça change, non?

Much randomness led to this photo. The house was put together in the Tinkering Studio at the Arts & Science Center in Pine Bluff. I was in town for the opening of the Small Works on Paper exhibition, a traveling show organized by the Arkansas Arts Council. I have a photo in this show. I love the idea that it’s going to places in Arkansas I’ve never been to myself and was happy to catch up with it in Pine Bluff. The downtown area is desolate and speaks (whispers) of much better times; there are some surprisingly large and stately department stores and apartment buildings, now abandoned. On a street corner, I found this beautiful, intricate tile floor. Perhaps it was part of a butcher shop or a soda fountain–the building around it was gone. Two broken houses, then: my matboard-and-tape miniature, and the one whose only trace were green, white, and black tiles.


2 thoughts on “so many directions

  1. I’m glad you’ve found your “place.” See what I did there? Psychogeography!

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