a book is in the works!

I recently returned from a scouting trip to the Wichita Mountains in southwest Oklahoma. I’m collaborating with another photographer/writer and a poet on a book of photos, essays, and poems about the region.


Prairie after Wildfire

I experimented with a full-frame digital camera, and some of the results are quite promising. This was the second of what will be a series of visits to the Wichitas. There is much to explore. This is true for any space and place, whether it’s the continent’s oldest mountain range or the parking lot below my kitchen window–but it’s been a while since I got to discover a place completely new to me.


Porter Hill

More details, including names and dates and fundraising projects, soon!


Downtown Anadarko


One thought on “a book is in the works!

  1. I went to Manhattan, KS, some time ago. I was quite amazed at the endless wavy landscape of the plains… looking forward to seeing the book.

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