Looking Back, Going Forward

It’s been a few months since I made the jump back into life as a freelancer, and it’s time both to take stock and look forward. I’m very happy with the We’re Not Telling You Everything exhibition that ran at Fayetteville Underground in November. We had great press, good sales, and wonderful feedback from visitors to the galleries. A few copies of the exhibition catalogue are still available at the Underground and via mail order (e-mail me for details). Don House and I gave two artist talks, one during the opening reception and the other on a Sunday afternoon a few days before the show came down. Many people found their way to the Underground to listen to our presentation, ask questions, and share their own stories about the Wichitas. The event served as a happy reminder that artist talks are as important as they are enjoyable. I’m determined to attend more of them this year and, hopefully, give a few more of my own.

Artists’ Talk at the Underground on November 5, 2015 (courtesy of Chris Engholm)

The year ended with a nice surprise from the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which included me on their annual “Ten Artistic People to Watch” list for 2016. Being watched means I’ll make extra sure my work gets done this year …

As 2016 is taking off, Don and I are in the planning stages of two new photography projects, and I am returning to a series on home places in the Ozarks. And it’s becoming evident that the three-week, six-state road trip west we just returned from has left us with some ideas and inspirations, too. Stay tuned.

      Way out West, Lompoc, California, December 2015.





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